Only way to save MOS2: BVMOS:DOJ* (actual Justice may vary...) is to have Nix Uotan show up in his interversal bleed hopping rig, turn a grimdark Hot Topic pink punk bunny into Captain Carrot, have Sunshine Superman pop out (Terry Crews natch) and headlock this piss poor imitation goyerverse... uh, Kal-Hell? and throw… » 5/03/15 1:46am Sunday 1:46am

The only feesable soultion is the establishment of a Law Enforcement Oversight arm of the FBI for overseeing, investigating and prosecuting if necessary (in federal court THANKS), and setting basic practices for all law enforcement agencies in the United States. » 5/02/15 8:44am Saturday 8:44am

Very worried about Ant Man. Unlike GotG and other "surprise" Marvel hits, the early word from the studio is tellingly non-existent. That they are doing reshoots to re-add TONE to a movie that had it stripped out in the first place... that's bothersome. » 3/25/15 8:29am 3/25/15 8:29am